Hendler Creamery Company

Looking up at this large, handsome red brick and stone building across Baltimore Street, one can just make out the remnants of “Hendler Creamery Company” written across the front façade. Manuel Hendler (1885-1962) opened this ice cream manufacturing plant in 1912.

Born to Jewish immigrants and raised on a Baltimore County dairy farm, Hendler became a household name in Baltimore. His popular ice cream attracted the attention of the New Jersey-based Borden Company, which bought his operation in 1928.


Hendler's Creamery

Hendler's Creamery

Exterior view of Hendler's Creamery. | Source: Jewish Museum of Maryland, 2001.050.001 View File Details Page

Street Address:

1100 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 [map]

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