Mount Vernon Club

Built around 1842, the Mount Vernon Club is one of the oldest homes on Mount Vernon Place.

Previously known as the Blanchard Randall House and the Tiffany-Fisher House, the home was built by William Tiffany, a wealthy Baltimore commission merchant. The building is a fine example of the Greek Revival architectural style and set a high standard for the new homes being built around the Washington Monument.

In 1941, The Mount Vernon Club, previously located across the street at 3 West Mount Vernon Place merged with The Town Club in the Washington Apartments and purchased the property, then home to Mr. Blanchard Randall, to serve as their club house. The Club has remained at the property through the present.


The Mount Vernon Club, 2012

The Mount Vernon Club, 2012

Exterior view of the Mount Vernon Club. | Source: Baltimore Heritage | Creator: Eli Pousson View File Details Page

Blanchard Randall House, 1936

Blanchard Randall House, 1936

Exterior view of the Blanchard Randall House, 8 West Mount Vernon Place. | Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, HABS MD,4-BALT,56--1 | Creator: E.H. Pickering View File Details Page

Street Address:

8 W. Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD 21201 [map]

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Mount Vernon Club

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