Peabody Heights Brewery

The site of Peabody Heights Brewery, also home to RavenBeer, Public Works Ale, and Full Tilt Brewing, was the site of Oriole Park from 1916 to 1944. Before this, the ballpark was home to the Baltimore Terrapins of the short-lived Federal League and was called Terrapin Park. During this time, the Orioles were playing in a ballpark literally across the street. When the Federal League went defunct in 1915, the Orioles took over Terrapin Park.

The ballpark was made out of wood, which led to its demise on July 3, 1944. The ballpark caught fire, destroying everything inside. The cause of the fire is unknown, but it was speculated at the time to have been a discarded cigarette.

Peabody Heights Brewery took over the site in 2012, making it the first brewery to be established in Baltimore City in over thirty years. In the late 1800s. there were about 40 breweries in the city, but by the 1970s, most had closed down. Owing to a national resurgence of interest in craft-brewing, breweries in Baltimore have begun to flourish again.



401 E. 30th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218