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West Baltimore Squares

11 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage
Walk through West Baltimore neighborhoods and take in a few of the city's most exceptional rowhouses and religious buildings across a landscape defined also by segregation and urban renewal.

Arts & Industry in Station North

11 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage
Explore the artists, architects, inventors and workers who built Station North. This project is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund, creator of the Baker Artists Awards, and…

Witness to the War of 1812

15 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage
Discover historic places touched by the Battle of Baltimore and the War of 1812! When Francis Scott Key witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry from on board the British ship HMS Tonnant, he was just one of many who waited anxiously through the…

Downtown's West Side

12 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage
For over two hundred years this neighborhood has been a center of activity to entrepreneurs and merchants of all kinds, suffragists and civil rights protesters, and much more. Start from Lexington Market and explore the rich history of…

Sacred Landmarks

21 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage
Soaring spires, vaulted halls and grand arches highlight the rich architectural heritage of Baltimore's many sacred places. Explore a few of these landmark synagogues, churches and more on this tour.

Hampden-Woodberry History and Landmarks

13 Locations ~ Curated by Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance
In the fall of 2015, the Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance in partnership with Baltimore Heritage published a comprehensive walking tour brochure for Baltimore’s Hampden and Woodberry neighborhoods.

Apartment Living

7 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage
Discover Baltimore's grand luxury apartment buildings built at the turn of the 19th century into the 20th. The stories of these buildings open a window on to the lives Baltimore's social and economic elites.

Baltimore County History and Landmarks

8 Locations ~ Curated by The Explore Baltimore Heritage Team
A selection of historic sites, museums, and landmark buildings in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Along the Gwynns Falls

7 Locations ~ Curated by Gwynns Falls Trail Council
Along the Gwynns Falls was produced in partnership with the Parks & People Foundation and the Gwynns Falls Trail Council featuring audio excerpts from from the Gwynns Falls Trail Audio Tour produced by Ed Orser and Steve Bradley, University of…

Literary Heritage in Baltimore

12 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Literary Heritage Committee
This tour is produced in partnership with CityLit, the Maryland Humanities Council, Maryland State Arts Council, and the University of Baltimore.

Druid Hill Park

11 Locations ~ Curated by Friends of Druid Hill Park
This tour of Druid Hill Park was created in partnership with the Friends of Druid Hill Park, Dr. Denise Meringolo and students from the UMBC Department of History, Public History Track.

Jewish East Baltimore

11 Locations ~ Curated by Jewish Museum of Maryland
This tour was adapted from the Jewish Museum of Maryland tour of historic sites and buildings in the neighborhood of the Lloyd Street Synagogue.

Doors Open Baltimore

55 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Architecture Foundation
On Saturday, October 22, 2016, the Baltimore Architecture Foundation, in partnership with AIA Baltimore, will present the third annual Doors Open Baltimore! Learn about Charm City’s fascinating history through its architecture and the people who…

Baltimore's Public Markets: Past and Present

6 Locations ~ Curated by The Explore Baltimore Heritage Team
Baltimore's public markets have a long and sometimes controversial history. Learn more about the markets past and present!

Historic Sites of Industry in the Jones Falls Valley

8 Locations ~ Curated by Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance & Preservation Maryland
The Jones Falls provided the power that fueled manufacturing in Baltimore in the 19th and 20th centuries. The string of mills built in the valley along the river had an indelible economic and social impact on the surrounding areas, the effect of…

Landmarks from the Movement

26 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage
Baltimore’s Civil Rights Heritage: Looking for Landmarks from the Movement is an ongoing project to research and document the historic context for the long Civil Rights movement for African Americans in Baltimore. This tour features significant…

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

11 Locations ~ Curated by The Explore Baltimore Heritage Team
The University of Maryland, Baltimore County is celebrating the history of the campus and community in 2016—fifty years after the University welcomed its first students on September 19, 1966. This tour of UMBC campus buildings, public art and other…

Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

8 Locations ~ Curated by The Explore Baltimore Heritage Team
This tour was developed by Sarah Evans, Senior Writer for The Maryland Zoo, with research support from graduate students in the UMBC Department of History and Dr. Denise Meringolo.

Libraries of Baltimore

8 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage
Discover the city's libraries and former libraries from the Enoch Pratt Free Library's grand Central Branch in Mount Vernon to the more humble branch buildings across the city.

Mount Vernon Pride

7 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage
Many know Mount Vernon as the long-time home of Baltimore’s Pride Parade as well as the city’s oldest gay and lesbian bars and businesses. But that only is only a small part of the LGBTQ history and historic places found in this neighborhood!

Baltimore's Legacy Businesses

12 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage
Discover the varied Baltimore businesses that have survived and thrived and are still going today. Whether you're looking to purchase a fishing pole or ornamental ironwork, you will enjoy this tour of just a few of Baltimore's many historic…

Baltimore Sites & Sounds

6 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive (MARMIA)
Discover the history of Baltimore's recent past through highlights from the WJZ-TV archival collection of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive.

A Sampling of Baltimore's Olmsted Parks

7 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Heritage and Friends of Maryland's Olmsted Parks and Landscapes
Take this tour to explore some of Baltimore’s green spaces that continue to showcase the Olmsted Brothers' visionary landscape designs! Not until 1904 did Baltimore adopt a comprehensive park plan for the region. That year, landscape…

South Baltimore: In the Shadow of Industry

10 Locations ~ Curated by Baltimore Museum of Industry
Explore the industrial roots that shaped South Baltimore through this walking tour developed by the Baltimore Museum of Industry (BMI). Using artifacts and historic images from the BMI’s collections, this tour honors the workers who built Baltimore…

Welcome to Hampden!

5 Locations ~ Curated by David Stysley
The neighborhood of Hampden has its own unique story within the larger history of Baltimore. This tour will use five of Hampden’s landmarks to show how Hampden has changed from a small cluster of buildings into significant neighborhood.

Baltimore Harbor East: The Many Companies Which Make Up ‘Industry’

6 Locations ~ Curated by Sydney Kempf for the Baltimore Museum of Industry
When you hear the word “industry” what do you think of Shipbuilding? Ironworks? While these are the stereotypical “big” industries, industry can take many forms from selling bird seed to baking bread. Explore the rich history of the diverse…

Baltimore's Slave Trade

21 Locations ~ Curated by Richard Messick
After its incorporation in the late 18th century, the population of Baltimore grew very quickly along with the expansion of the new country. One of the many “trades” that grew along with the city was the sale of enslaved people, for which there was a…

East Baltimore's Historic American Indian "Reservation"

17 Locations ~ Curated by Ashley Minner Jones
The place now known as Baltimore, like the rest of what is now known as the United States of America, has always been home to Native peoples. Baltimore is part of the ancestral homelands of the Piscataway and the Susquehannock, and a diverse host of…