United States Coast Guard Cutter TANEY

The Last Surviving Warship from Pearl Harbor

USCGC (United States Coast Guard Cutter) TANEY, a National Historic Landmark, is the last surviving warship that was present and fought at the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7, 1941. Named for former Secretary of the Treasury, Roger B. Taney, the ship was one of seven cutters named for Secretaries of the Treasury.

The Treasury Class cutters represented the ultimate development of pre-World War II patrol gunboats. They were large, powerful warships designed to provide maritime law enforcement, search and rescue services, and communication and weather services on the high seas. Treasury class cutters served as convoy escorts, amphibious force flagships, shore bombardment vessels, and maritime patrol ships in World War II, the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Crisis, and the Vietnam War. TANEY was built in 1936.

Following Pearl Harbor, TANEY steamed into the Atlantic for convoy duty in 1944, then returned to the Pacific in 1945 to participate in the Okinawa campaign and the occupation of Japan. After service in Vietnam she was decommissioned in 1986.



Pier 5, Baltimore, MD 21202