National Brewery - "Natty Boh"

Located in Baltimore’s Brewers Hill neighborhood, the National Brewing Company building, affectionately known to locals as the "Natty Boh" building, has been standing since 1872. The company was then known exclusively for its National Premium beer. In 1885, National Brewing began brewing its flagship National Bohemian beer, Natty Boh, and a hometown favorite was born. Production of Natty Boh continued on this site, with the exception of the Prohibition years, until 1975 when the company was bought. The brewery was shut down and the brewing operations were moved to Wisconsin.

Today the old brewery has been converted to office space and is part of the Brewer's Hill complex. The complex includes multiple breweries that were home to the Gunther, Schaefer, Hamm’s, and, of course, Natty Boh labels. Also, it is where the nation’s first “six pack” was invented in the 1940s.

The Brewers Hill neighborhood that surrounds the 27-acre brewery site was developed between 1915 and 1920 and is replete with rows of brick homes and marble steps.



3601-3901 Dillon Street, Baltimore, MD 21224