Captain Isaac Emerson Mansion

The story of the Emerson Mansion began in 1895 when Captain Isaac Emerson commissioned the building as a home for his family. Captain Emerson lived at this location up to 1911 when he and his wife divorced. Emerson remarried just two months later and started work on the Emersonian, a large apartment building built with the intent to block his ex-wife’s view of Druid Lake. The Baltimore Sun later reported on the legend in August 11, 1985 noting that Emerson, "moved into one of the uppermost apartments so he would always be looking down on her."

The structure has served a wide range of uses in the century since Captain Emerson moved out. Maryland's Juvenile Services Division had offices in the building, as did The Mercantile Club, a private social club for businessmen. Since 1994, the property has been owned by James Crockett.

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2500 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, MD 21217