St. Vincent's Infant Asylum

The former St. Vincent’s Infant Asylum/Carver Hall Apartments buildings was a complex of structures built between 1860 and the 1910s to provide housing and medical services to dependent children and women, along with housing for the nuns who operated the facility. After years of declining use, the Infant Asylum left the facility around 1934 for a new location on Reisterstown Road.

Around 1941, the building was converted to use as Carver Hall Apartments offering a range of rental units to a largely African American group of tenants from the up through 2013. Since the 1970s, the management of the property has posed significant challenges for residents in the building with a major fire in 1978, a lawsuit in 1993 and issues with drug traffic and violence at the building in the 1900s.

In January 2015, the building caught on fire destroying the roof and gutting much of the interior. It now stands vacant. Unfortunately, in February 2018, the building was illegally demolished without a permit.



1401-1411 Division Street, Baltimore, MD 21217