Munsey Building

The Munsey Building was erected by and named after the publisher, Frank Munsey, who had purchased the Baltimore News to add to his publishing empire. Though he wanted the paper, he did not like the five-year old building that housed it. So, he had a new one erected more to his liking. Completed in 1911, it was designed by the local architectural firm of Baldwin & Pennington, together with McKim, Mead & White of New York.

The Munsey Trust Company, which eventually became the Equitable Trust Company, opened on the ground floor in 1913. The paper was eventually bought by William Randolph Hearst, became the Baltimore News-American, and moved a few blocks away.

The building’s most recent purpose is to serve as loft apartments that are helping revitalize downtown Baltimore. The renovation of the Munsey included keeping the grand entranceway, with its marble floor, elevators, and grand front door, as well as cleaning and repairing the exterior.



7 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202